Week 1- Classmate Conversation- Lia Giordano


Lia Giordano- Public Relations Student

Lia Giordano- Public Relations Student

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with my classmate Lia Giordano. A native of Long Beach and a senior at CSULB, she is majoring in Public Relations. She is also minoring in Fashion Merchandising, a subject that we both have in common. While currently working a PR position, she’d like to pursue a PR career within the fashion industry. When asked specifically, her goal would be to work for fashion label Dolce & Gabbana, a company with Sicilian roots, of which she shares a kinship with.

We discussed the pieces within the galleries and the installation by April Bey titled “WhoDoYouWorship?”, caught our attention the most. The prominent icons in Bey’s installations were what attracted our eye. The easily recognizable pop culture figures such as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus sparked a discussion about their fame and their influence on the world around them. 

When discussing art personally, she stated that scrapbooking and stationary would be her medium of choice. The creative aspect of each serves to be intriguing and expressive. Of all the subgenres within art, if she were to learn to be proficient in one, it would be architecture. 

Read more about Lia on her blog here!


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