Week 1- GLAMFA Artist- April Bey


April Bey’s piece, “#WhoDoYouWorship?”

As I perused the art galleries, there was one installation that particularly caught my eye. April Bey’s piece titled “#WhoDoYouWorship?” features easily recognizable pop culture figures within today’s society. While discussing with fellow classmate Lia Giordano the most interesting works within the galleries, Bey’s piece stood out to us. We commented that her use of popular icons such as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus could be used to signify their influence among us. Their influence, popularized by their status, is usually denounced to trivial occurrences that have no real impact on the world. 

In her artist statement Bey says that “this installation is a presentation of what we typically consume, broadcast digitally and the aspects of being human we maintain and relinquish.” She states that we, as a society, propel the movements of popular icons even further, through tools such as social media. Although celebrities and prominent figures can present unimportant issues, it is the general population who encourages the idea, drawing away from real problems.

You can visit April Bey’s website here.

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