Week 2- GLAMFA Artist- Margaret “Quica” Alarcon


“Carmela” by Margaret ‘Quica’ Alarcon

This piece caught my eye while walking through the galleries because of its huge focal point: the sun. To me, the sun was very powerful and captured my attention. I also noted the very clean cut outs made by the artist. The light illuminated on it also created a captivating shadow, enhancing the piece even more. 

I also liked this piece because it moved, and as it revolved, the perspective changed. 


I enjoyed how the back was very different from the front and not at all expected. It creates a very different feeling that that of the front. The back is more whimsical as opposed to the front, which seems more serious.

Upon reading the artist’s background, I learned that the piece was created to exhibit her family history. The photographs she uses are from her grandmother and the cut outs within her piece symbolize the gaps and missing history within her family’s past. The shadows created by the piece are meant to reflect the mystery of life. 

To learn more about this artist, visit her site here.

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