Week 3- Activity- Kickstarter

This week’s activity was to peruse the Kickstarter website, select a video that particularly stood out to us, and pitch our own. While surfing the Kickstarter website, I clicked on the Fashion link, as I am personally interested in the subject, as well as studying it. I came across the Kickstarter “Wearing History” by Lauren Maringola. Her goal is to produce a vintage inspired clothing line designed for movement and wearability.


I think hers is a great idea because many people collect vintage clothing or vintage inspired clothing, but often, it is not up to par. Usually when one buys vintage clothing, there is some noticeable wear and tear. Her ready to wear line is designed for sustainability, where in vintage clothing, has deteriorated over the years. Her incentive to create sustainable clothing gives consumers a great alternative to flimsy fast fashion wear.

I further believe that her vision will be effective because vintage clothing has a place in our closets, as it has in the past and undoubtedly will in the future. Fashion has a way of recycling itself, and most clothing draws inspiration from vintage and past fashions. Coupled with her goal to bolster the American economy by ensuring all clothing is made in the USA, her ready to wear line will certainly be a successful one.

You can help fund her kickstarter here!

Here is my kickstarter:

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