Week 3- Artist Interview- Christopher Vavrek


Christopher Vavrek’s installation “server and protect virus [too big to succeed]”.

When I first walked into the installation, I immediately noticed that the wires hanging from the ceiling were a part of the artwork. As soon as you step into the gallery, you are instantly involved with the artist’s work. Around the room were various technological devices that were inoperable to different degrees. There were TVs broadcasting white noise, crashed computers and malfunctioning fans. Among the stacked VHS tapes and jumble of wires, were projections of light and glowing TVs that periodically lit up spots in the gallery.

Unfortunately the artist was not there to talk about his piece, but I got the sense that his installation was about the disposal and abandonment of technology. I believe that his use of machinery was implemented in a way to emphasize our mindset to discard technology as soon as it becomes obsolete and the waste it creates with that high turnover rate.


Reading the thesis for his installation, it is clear that Vavrek has used his technological media to evoke emotions from his audience to address the problem of technological waste and its implications. He states in his thesis that these electronics hold the promise of an improved life, but also separate us as a society through its constant evolution.

I believe that Vavrek’s installation successfully portrays what he intended it to, and effectively uses technological media to accentuate the contrast of what electronics vow to bring, and how they actually affect the population and its habitat.


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