Week 3- Classmate Conversation- Renato Mullares

Renato Muralles

Renato Muralles

For this week’s classmate conversation, I talked with Renato Muralles, a first year here at CSULB. Having grown up in Guatemala and moving to his current residence Hawthorne, he is majoring in Linguistics but is thinking of switching to Economics. He was influenced by this decision when he worked with a Honda program that dealt with companies and the business world. Although he isn’t sure of what he’d like to pursue in the future, he believes that a job in economics would be awesome.

We found a common interest in artists such as Childish Gambino, the Black Keys and Imagine Dragons, as well as shows like the Office and American Horror Story. In his free time he likes to play soccer, look at cats and watch Workaholics and Breaking Bad.

When asked about art, he said he prefers surrealism. He also stated that he finds it interesting when artists connect the natural with the supernatural.

You can visit his blog here!

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