Week 4- Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


This week I visited the gallery with Maccabee Shelley’s work. His multiple sculptures were made out of recycled glass and were very intriguing. Each piece was drastically different from the next, making it very interesting to observe.

Shelley explained that he collects the glass from the ASI Recycling Center and makes molds for each of the pieces. He did not title any of the pieces and rarely used paint on the glass. He stated that using paint takes away from the self-explanatory structure of the pieces, but when he does, he uses interior satin paint.

Among his pieces in his installation were broken glass bridges, a donut shape glass collection, and melted glass made to look like liquid. All installations possessed a quality of fragility and I believe that is what the artist was trying to evoke.

Even his thesis was choppy and broken up, as if to further symbolize the fragility of his glass artwork. The broken pieces that helped make up a whole piece also symbolized that one fragile piece can build with another to create something strong.


Overall this installation was very intriguing and I enjoyed looking at all the sculptures. I believe that the artist was very successful in conveying what he intended to through his art. It was very apparent as to what he wanted to show and it was pleasing to the eye.


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