Week 4- Classmate Conversation- Justin Toguchi


This week I got to speak with Justin Toguchi, a chill dude who hails Huntington Beach. A junior at CSULB, he majors in Environmental Science. I could tell he was pretty invested in the subject and we discussed it for a while. He told me how the world’s equilibrium was way off balance and we both agreed that it will take way more than one person to drastically change that, and hopefully one day we can rally and change the population’s mind.

He is also involved with the environmental club on campus. When describing his future, he says he’d rather do field work than sit in a cubicle all day, which is pretty understandable. He also stated that a government job would be cool too.

We also talked about sports and I found out that he did wrestling in high school. We also discussed cheer for a while when he found out I was a cheerleader. Props to him for considering cheer a sport! Overall he was really easy to talk to and it was great chatting.

Read more about him at his blog here!

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