Week 5- Activity- Counterfactual Identity

This week our activity was to present an identity that we don’t normally wear. For this particular activity, I decided that clothing was the best way to express this. As a fashion major, I clearly possess an interest in the subject and seek to present myself as such when I get dressed everyday. Here’s an example of how I usually dress:


For this activity, I decided to do the opposite of how I normally dress. I threw on leggings, a tank and running shoes. Even when I have nothing to wear or don’t feel like dressing up, I don’t come to school or any other event like this. Although it was comfier than how I usually dress, I don’t feel like I was expressing myself properly. I view my clothing as an extension of myself, in a way, and dressing the way I like makes me feel good.


I asked some friends what they thought about how I was dressed and it was a popular assumption that I was just a stereotypical basic white girl who looks like she’s going to work out but doesn’t actually work out. My roommate asked me where my Starbucks was and my other friend stated something similar, adding that I looked like I was “jogging to get my pumpkin spiced latte.”

Another friend guessed that I might be a kinesiology or nutrition science major. My roommate added that I definitely didn’t look like a fashion major. The general consensus seemed to be that I was basic, the connotation of which meaning I wasn’t putting in effort. Quoting from Urban Dictionary, basic is “used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to.” Although these clothes are slightly comfier, they just don’t manage to win me over enough to dress like this often.

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