Week 5- Artist Interview- Mike Lewis


“Broken Container”

As I stepped into the gallery to view the artist’s work, my first thought was that I liked the photos on the wall. The way they are placed and hanged are visually appealing and their color scheme has a nice cohesion. I think the placement of the photos were done just right and aren’t too perfect or aligned but set a good vibe.

As I read Lewis’ thesis, I became more intrigued with the piece. His installation is about his hometown and where he has found broken containers and discarded items in the woods. It is a clash between suburbia and nature which created an apparent contrast. He states in his thesis that his installation is inspired by a place in his hometown where the industrial buildings and the natural landscape come together.

He was inspired by the random objects that were not a part of nature and used photography and the objects in his exhibit. I think this is an interesting concept because most people ignore the things that aren’t meant to be in the wilderness, like trash or litter. Showcasing the contrast between the natural and the abandoned objects allows him to reflect on how the objects seem to own a special quality about them, which I think is interesting.

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