Week 6- Artist Conversation- Juan Martin, Isiah Ulloa, Angel G. Franco

For this week’s artist piece, I decided to blog about the installation called “Labyrinth” by Juan Martin, Isiah Ulloa, and Angel G. Franco. When I walked in the gallery I was captivated by the sculptures around the room. I was especially interested in the piece that was in the center of the room. It looked to be made of snow and had a person curled up in the pile. I liked it because the sculpture gave the illusion that it was made of snow, but was probably made of something harder and much more stable.


There was also two deer sculptures that caught my eye, one of them giving me a surprise. THe first deer sculpture looked to be made of styrofoam and made me want to touch it to see what it was made out of. The second deer surprised me as I came around the corner and saw a man’s body with a deer head on top, which startled me because I thought at first it was a real person. After the initial surprise I thought it was really cool and decided to take a selfie with it.


In the artists’ thesis, they explain that they used a multitude of various material to create the installation and that the different way that they used it is considered risky, but can create a “phenomenological mystification to everything we might have known.” I feel that their objective was effectively carried out in their pieces. I didn’t expect for there to be a deer’s head on top of a regular human body. Neither did I expect the snow-like sculpture to be made of the opposite texture. I think that the artists displayed their pieces beautifully.

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