Week 7- Activity- Painting

This week our activity was to practice bubble letters and spray paint them. I watched the tutorial on the acitivity page and drew bubble letters of my name with a sharpie on printer paper. I didn’t really like how it turned out but I decided to move on to spray painting.


After I finished practicing, I went out onto my balcony which is where me and my roommate threw all our boxes after we moved in. I used some cardboard as my canvas and I spray painted. It turned out a little weird since one of my colors was gloss and one of them wasn’t. I also noticed the paint didn’t stick as well, but thats probably because I didn’t have the best canvas.


After this project I have concluded that I don’t know how artists get their lines to look so smooth and not drippy. It probably would have turned out better if I picked a better spray paint and a better canvas but it was pretty fun overall.

I also went on an unplanned Venice Beach trip because I was in the area. Aside from the many hobos, I thought it was pretty cool and I liked how artists had even used the palm trees as canvases.



Me trying to climb the wall and failing

Me trying to climb the wall and failing


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