Week 7- Artist Conversation- Vanessa Gamboa & Daniel Rivera-Echeverria


The piece that stood out to me most this week was one entitled “Chrysalis” by Vanessa Gamboa and Daniel Rivera-Echeverria. Watching the video, I saw that two people were wrapped together and standing together in various places. After a while the people become disentangled from one another, but remain at each others side.


Aside from the literal representation of a chrysalis that the wrapping presents, the piece represents a stage of growth and the idea that when two people come together, they are more powerful than they are alone. The splitting apart of the chrysalis represents the never ending cycles of human relationships and the formation of such relationships.


We spoke with one of the artists, Daniel, and he told us that he is a painting major, so this project is very out of the box for him and he wanted to try something new. The materials he used were gauze and he explained that he used gauze because it is the color of skin and that it also represents a bandaid to heal.

The project was composed of him and his partner Vanessa, and they are the two people being filmed in the piece. He and Vanessa went to five different locations and stated that there were many different reactions to what they were acting out. He described some of the people’s reactions as “Are you guys crazy?”, or “Are you getting married?” and “Do you need help?”

Overall, I thought it was a very interesting concept and it was carried out very well.

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