Week 7- Classmate Conversation- Alan Vu


Selfies with Justin Toguchi and Alan Vu

During this week I had the pleasure of meeting Alan Vu who is a fellow sophomore like myself. Me and my fellow classmate/homie Justin were browsing the galleries when we asked if we could interview him. We started discussing the piece entitled “Chrysalis” and I started talking about butterflies and caterpillars and cocoons and they just looked at me like whaaaat. But then they noticed that name of the piece so everything was good.

After discussing the piece we started chatting and I found out that Alan majors in Speech Pathology, which he hopes will eventually turn into a job involving speech therapy. We found common ground in that we are both from Northern California. He describes his city Salinas as agricultural and very diverse.

I learned that in high school, he played football and ran track, and is now on an intramural team. Alan is currently an RA at the Parkside dorms. When asked about the funniest things he has caught students doing, he replied that catching people with alcohol is entertaining because of how they try to hide.

Overall it was a fun time chatting with him, and to learn more about him, here’s his blog!

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