Week 10- Activity- Photography


The activity for this week was to create a photographic self portrait of our demise. Due to a busy weekend, my photo wasn’t as creative as I’d have liked but it did well in a pinch. I recruited my roommate to help me take this picture and we both couldn’t stop laughing at how awkward it was. Although my pictures of me dying face up were a bit more realistic, I couldn’t get over how awkward it looked, so I settled for the half sleep/half dead picture.

I think it most accurately depicts how I would die. Most teens are posted in their beds, watching Netflix, and eating junk food. Although I try not to be a couch potato most of the time, I usually end up as one, in one way or another. When I have free time, the one thing I want to do is relax, and that usually means laying down and catching up with a show or watching a movie. Maybe this says something about how young adults aren’t lazy as how the media makes us out to be, but just want something simple after a long day of school and work. Having said this, and realizing that I do this alot, its a pretty viable way for me to go.

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