Week 12- Classmate Conversation- Troy Tintiangco


This week I got to meet with Troy Tintiangco who is a fellow sophomore. He is majoring in film and minoring in marketing. In the future he wants to get into commercials and advertising. I also found out that he is originally from San Diego and dormed in the same dorms that I did last year.

When asked to share something interesting about himself, he told a story about how he was barbecuing at night and his neighbors called the fire department on him. It was a funny story but also really familiar because one of my friends had told me a similar story about his roommate. Turns out they are roommates! Totally by coincidence but I never would have guessed if he hadn’t told the exact same story I had heard. After class we chilled with our other classmate Justin and got kbbq tacos. It was fun to hang with him and to learn more, visit him at his blog!

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