Week 13- Artist Conversation- Jeff Dulla


This week I got to examine a piece by Jeff Dulla in the BFA Drawing and Painting Exhibition gallery. It caught my eye with its various use of bright colors. The movement in the painting also was very aesthetically pleasing. I thought the painting was particularly interesting because it isn’t a conventional interpretation of a regular landscape.

Usually I find paintings of landscapes to be boring and very straightforward, but in this painting you can see the artist’s individualism and their imagination which I find fascinating. His use of bright colors also serves to captivate effectively and I think he has used line, color, and movement well in his piece.


I also found this painting to be very interesting, by the same artist. The red sphere in the painting serves as an effective focal point, and the dark colors contrast very well with it, which makes it stand out more. It is a very abstract painting, which I find stimulating and interesting to look at and I think the artist did an amazing job.

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