Week 15- Artist Conversation- Troy Rounseville


This week the exhibit that appealed the most to me was Troy Rounseville’s. As soon as I walked in the gallery I was greeted by a cacophony of sounds that immediately made me interested on what was going on. I noted the many machines that were set up to make musical sounds, such as a drum that pounded itself and a keyboard that also played itself.


It was also interesting to note that there was a small room in the middle of the gallery that wasn’t previously there. When I stepped inside I saw that it was covered from ceiling to floor with mirrors. It was an amusing sight to see as well as visually stimulating. The mirrors really served to captivate my attention and interest.

In his thesis, Rounseville poses the question “How will everyday communication and our relationship with our own bodies be changed by our continued dependence on technological mediation?” I think his question in regards to his art is very much thought provoking. Through the sounds from his instruments that can be construed as music, we interpret the music very differently according to each person and to what they individually feel. Though the mirrors, people perceive themselves as differently as the next person. Although his exhibit was nice to look at, his thesis gives a different insight and a different perspective on what his piece really means.

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